Eric Spinato

Emmy Award-winning television producer Eric Spinato has worked over 25 years in the media business. During his career, Spinato has produced at four national cable networks, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, CNN, and MSNBC. He has also worked on Fox Network primetime newsmagazine program Fox Files and the nationally syndicated Montel Williams Show. His production has also been featured on Dateline NBC.

Eric is a nationally-known television producer who has built a reputation as a media pro by understanding how the news media works, what the news media needs — and as importantly, what it takes to make a national interview a positive experience and success for the interviewee. He works closely with news anchors, reporters, and producers to secure top-rated interviews and news placement. Eric is a proven leader with a knack to strategically think ‘out-of-the-box’ to create synergy within media organizations and to promote positive news coverage.

Eric’s TV news career began with News Corp in 1998. He produced and led the story assignments for the Fox network primetime program, Fox Files, and in 1999, he was promoted to the Fox News Channel to help produce for The Edge with Paula Zahn. In the same year, network executives asked Eric to become the senior producer of the daytime booking unit to manage and oversee guests programming. Under Eric’s leadership, Fox experienced a 200 percent rise in ratings and overtook CNN as the most watched cable news outlet in the United States. Eric currently serves as Senior Story Editor, Fox Business Network and Senior Head Booker where he works hand-in-hand with nationally recognized on-air personality Maria Bartiromo and worked with Neil Cavuto, to secure interviews with business leaders from around the world

Among his most celebrated accomplishments, Eric has produced a variety of news specials, including: coverage of five presidential elections; Five RNC and DNC Presidential conventions and debates; the Boston Marathon bombing; “Operation Freedom;” the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster; the 9-11 terrorist attack; the Columbine School shooting; Michael Jackson trial Sri Lanka tsunami; Hurricane Katrina; live showdown between O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown’s sister, Denise, on live TV; and the 2008 financial-markets crash. Other high-profile ‘exclusives’ during his television career have been six interviews with President Trump, three with Vice President Pence; and former President George W. Bush. Notable criminal stories: Texas cadet killer Diane Zamora; “Gainesville Ripper” Danny Rolling; “Black Widow” Judy Bueanano, youngest woman on death row, in 1998, Christa Gail Pike; former Tyco CEO, Dennis Kozlowski; former HealthSouth CEO, Richard Scrushy; former Qwest CEO, Joe Nacchio and former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO, Martin Shkreli.

Eric was assigned to team with award-winning anchor Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel in 2016. His unrivaled ability to establish collaborative relationships with hundreds of high-profile newsmakers and business leaders, whose decisions have profound impact on global audiences, makes “Mornings with Maria,” “Wall Street Week” and “Sunday Morning Futures” relevant, relatable and must watch TV. In a world fueled with change, where a fluid business environment demands high-touch, high-trust relationships, Eric Spinato has a proven ability to join 20+ years of transformative insights with an unparalleled access to the news personalities across all media platforms, turning opportunity into tangible business outcomes.